Sights and sounds of summer

Yesterday morning while I was out back feeding the dogs, a swiftly flying hummingbird nearly flew right in my face! Just a few nights earlier, I was enjoying a campfire the girls built in the backyard. We cooked old fashioned campfire meals and enjoyed relaxing in our hammocks. Ah summer in all its glory!

There is a time and a season for everything under the sun. It's during summer that the evening sky twinkles with fireflies. We enjoy brightly colored flowers ​and flowering trees in an array of hues. Sounds of laughter and splashing in a cool pool or lake fill hot sunny days. We're outside more: grilling, soaking up the sun, tending to gardens, harvesting fresh produce - so many colors, aromas, sounds, textures to enjoy!

Now as my youngest daughter returns to school embarking on the final leg of her K-12 journey, these sights and sounds give way to new ones: yellow school buses, clanging school bells, recitation of the pledge of allegiance. A change of season is upon us.

What are your fond memories of summer? Sunsets at the beach? More time to spend with family or to travel? Whatever your memories, may they carry you rejuvenated and excited into what lies ahead in fall.

There is a time and season for everything. May this new season bring you joy, fulfillment and wonder.