AL's First Class Pre-K Program Roundtable Discussion Tuesday

Would you like to learn more about the state's high-quality First Class Pre-K program?

Do you want to know how you can bring more classrooms to your community?

If you answered “yes” to either question, please join us Tuesday, October 13 at Noon CDT for an online roundtable discussion about high-quality pre-kindergarten in Alabama.

Childcare Resources will host guests in the agency’s conference room at 244 West Valley Avenue, Suite 200 to view the online event and discuss afterwards.  Guests are welcome to bring their lunch.

Viewers may also join the conversation by registering at

This free, statewide event is hosted by, the Alabama School Readiness Alliance and VOICES for Alabama's Children.

The panel will be moderated by's Jeremy Gray and will feature Alabama State Representative Bill Poole (HD-63), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Education Committee; Secretary Jeana Ross of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education; Melanie Bridgeforth from VOICES for Alabama's Children and Christina McInnis, a parent from Orange Beach who has worked tirelessly with a local coalition of volunteers and officials to successfully start up the very first Alabama First Class Pre-K classroom in that community.

Panelists will discuss the future of the state-funded, voluntary program and answer questions from parents ranging from what they need to look for in a high-quality pre-k program, who is eligible to participate in Alabama's pre-k program and how to enroll your child in a program in your community. 

You can become more familiar with Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program by reading recent articles featured in (Guest opinion by kindergarten teacher Angela Hill): Students who attend high-quality pre-k are better prepared for kindergarten (Guest opinion by Secretary Jeana Ross, Alabama Department of Children's Affairs): All children should have access to pre-k (Jeremy Gray): Alabama pre-K: It works, it's wanted but many must wait 

If every four-year-old child in Alabama attended a First Class Pre-K program, the impact for the child would be far-reaching – not only as the child entered kindergarten but throughout their school career and beyond.  Join the conversation and help make statewide high-quality pre-k a reality for all!